To be a company that continues to take on challenges in order to remain a valuable company

Our management philosophy is "For People, Things, and the Future. This is a guiding principle that we hold dear to our hearts, and with this philosophy in mind in all of our activities, we have been creating, reforming, and innovating valuable businesses since our establishment in 1993.

In our international freight forwarding and logistics real estate businesses, we emphasize the importance of consistently providing value-added services to our customers and society at home and abroad. In cross-border freight forwarding, we pursue reliability and speed of response, and support our customers' businesses with the meticulous service that only we can provide. In the logistics real estate business, we meet the logistics needs of our customers by providing sustainable facilities and efficient warehousing and distribution space.

We tackle the fast-changing domestic and international market environment in a challenging manner. We believe this is what will generate new ideas and build a better future. We promise to always keep an eye on industry trends and spare no effort in evolving our services with innovative approaches. 2021 will see a shortage of international shipping containers in Japan, and by offering attractive schemes and services to transport cargo from Japan to North America via China, we have been able to satisfy many We have been able to satisfy many of our customers by providing an attractive scheme and service to transport cargo from Japan to North America via China. We will continue to provide new and unconventional services to our customers to fulfill our mission of "bringing the world closer together by making the best choices.

We also value harmony with people, things, society, and the natural environment. We strive to ensure that our operations have a positive impact on society as a whole and build a sustainable future. We work with local communities to help protect the global environment by implementing environmentally friendly facilities and transportation methods. Each and every one of our employees recognizes and considers the importance of small environmental considerations and works daily to harmonize with the natural environment.

Finally, our goal is to create a shining society "for people, things, and the future. Through sustainable growth, we hope to continue to be a company that contributes to society by realizing the happiness and personal growth of our employees. Through the expansion and evolution of our international freight forwarding and logistics real estate businesses, we aim to provide value that only we can create to as many people as possible, and to build the trust of our customers around the world with humility and integrity for the future. We will continue to take on challenges to remain a "valuable company" to people around the world and beyond.

Narichika Inoue
President and Chief Executive Officer